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Norse Mythology and Dreaming

Prepare to meet the ancient Norse Gods Freya, Odin and Trickster Loki. In the last lesson we will invoke a  Lucid dream and meet the goddess under the Yggdrasil Life tree.

The first lesson in this course will tell you about Freya.
She is not an ordinary fertility goddess. She is the one that always was and always will be. The creating principle. The dream incubation that is included in this lesson will help you connect with your inner fertility principle, to see what it is that your soul wants to manifest in the waking world. After the first lesson you will have every opportunity to talk about your dream experiences with other course members in our closed Facebook group and share your dreams on a private dream forum. There will be no dream interpretations but there is every opportunity to reflect upon your own dreams and those submitted by others.

The second lesson will tell you about the One eyed Odin. The Norse Father God, who discovered the runes and sacrificed his external vision to gain inner wisdom. All for the sake of keeping his people out of war. A symbol for anyone seeking more inner peace and the way to dive into the well of remembrance. The well filled with ancestral wisdom. You will learn about the runes and meet Odin in your dreams. Again, your dreams can be shared on a dream form, that is not accessible to the public eye. It is a place where you can discuss your progress and talk to fellow students. In the closed Facebook group you will have a weekly Q&A to ask me questions about things that have inspired you, or the things that have made you wonder.

The third lesson will inspire you to meet your inner Loki. The trickster that even tricks the gods. Are you ready to meet and embrace that part of yourself? It can be tricky! Again this lesson will have a Q&A in our closed Facebook group as well as a dream sharing opportunity in the dream forum.

The last lesson is an opportunity to search for and meet the goddess who dreams up the cosmos.
She is dreaming under the Yggdrasil, under the tree of life. If you have ever wondered where your dreams come from, this is a metaphysical answer to your question. Bring your lucid abilities and enjoy the ride. The incubation included in this lesson will guide you to explore all the nine worlds of the Yggdrasil and go even further underneath the fertile earth to discover the Goddess who dreams up the skies.


This is not a dream interpretation course. It is a course for dreamers that have an improved dream skill and a good dream memory. If you are a lucid dreamer, this course will give you new opportunities and challenges to get to know yourself better. If you are not a skilled lucid dreamer, this course might improve your lucid dreaming skills.



Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 weeks

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member

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Are you ready to embrace the mythological themes in your life? Join us at spring time to see your inner growth. This course will give you a wealth of information about history, mythology, and dreaming.