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Summer Solstice 2017: a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Join me June 19th for a week of dream incubation, loosely based on Shakespeare’s classic Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Summer Solstice has always been a magic time. The sun begins on it’s travel downwards. It is time to see what you have grown this year. On a spiritual level. And who can better lead you than archetypical connoisseur William Shakespeare?

This course will not consist of an endless quotation of his versus. I have taken a Jungian archetypical approach to the core of the story. Love, the ultimate bonus in the life of human beings, viewed from an archetypical perspective.
In seven nights you will explore love and how you have manifested it in your life. We will visit the magic fairy world and leave with a gift. We will explore our animus side. We will explore our anima side. We will ask dream advice about the transformation our soul needs right now. We are going to ask advice on how to balance the “real” “waking” world and the “fairy” world. And finally we are ready to receive a symbolic gift.

Each day you are able to share your dreams on an online dream forum, closed off from internet. And you will get my suggestion(s) about how to incorporate the energy of the dream in your daily world.


Click here to visit the course page (course expired)

Odin: Ongoing Original Inner Wisdom

Odin is the Norse Father God. This blog is about my new online Norse Mythology course that starts March 20, the first day of spring.

The first lesson, starting March 20 2017 is dedicated to Freya, the spring and fertility;
The second lesson, starting March 27 2017, will be dedicated to Odin;
The third lesson, starting April 3 2017, is dedicated to our inner trickster Loki;
The last lesson, starting April 10 2017, we will concentrate on connecting in a lucid dream with the goddess underneath Yggdrasil, who dreams up the cosmos.


Odin the Father

Being brought up Catholic, my young mind attached godly wisdom into the image of a Father God. This Father god, somewhere up high, was an old grumpy guy, with a beard.

As soon as I read in the bible that he had ordered a father to sacrifice his only son, I became very suspicious about this Father God.  I liked mother Mary much more.

Odin is a father god of the human beings on earth, but also of Baldr. The way Odin endeared me was that he sacrificed his own eye into the well of Mirmir.

In this course we will investigate these tory about the murder of his som Baldr and how that resonates with our own feelings of betrayal when something you valued more than life itself has gone lost.

Odin and the Well

In order to gain inner wisdom Odin sacrificed an eye in the well of Mirmir. Whenever you dream about eyes, whenever you dream about wells, you should definitely be signing up for this course.

On the forum you will be able to share those dreams with your fellow students. In the dream incubation that is included in this course, you will visit the well, and draw the water of life out of the Well of Remembrance.

Your inner knowledge is available to you. All you need to do is to consciously lift this knowledge up from out of the darkness of the well of remembrance into the daylight.

Odin and the Ravens Huginn and Muninn

If you have a connection with ravens as totem animal, this is the lesson for you. Odin had two ravens:

Huginn and Muninn,
Every day
They fly over earth ground.
I fear for Huginn,
That he may not return,
But even more  I fear
For the loss of Muninn.

The Elder Edda

Photo by Eamon Maguire


Huginn is usually associated with thought, and Muninn with memory. You will most certainly understand why thoughts can be like birds, flying in and out of your head.

Losing your memory is like losing yourself. yes, I know that we are more than the  addition of our past experiences. But there are core-memories your sense of self is build around. We will explore this in this lesson of the course.

Odin and the Sacrifice

We are surrounded by data. Big Brother Google is bringing you every website about every subject you are curious about.

Little entrepreneurs like me have to give away knowledge for free, in order to get paying customers. And we do that, because it is in our genes to help people get the best out of themselves.

Odin would have thrived in an age like this. Not only did he sacrifice an eye to gain wisdom. He also hung himself on the tree of life for nine days.

On the Yggdrasil he made the ultimate sacrifice to unveil the magic knowledge of the runes.


We will not be getting into the oracle of the runes, but we will be exploring magic in our own dreams, visions and lives that can tell us something about our life’s destiny.

Odin and the Yggdrasil

Last but not least, another theme in this course will be the Yggdrasil and its nine realms of being, the nine days that Odin hung himself. What is the spiritual value of number nine?

What does this magic number mean in your own life and in your own dreams? How many of the different reams of Yggdrasil do you recognise from films, from books, from poetry, or from dreams?



Loki, a Loud Loser or a Lucky Lord?

This is a blog about Loki, subject of our third lesson in the online Norse Mythology Course.



The first lesson, starting March 20 2017 is dedicated to Freya, the spring and fertility;
The second lesson, starting March 27 2017, will be dedicated to Odin;
The third lesson, starting April 3 2017, is dedicated to our inner trickster Loki;
The last lesson, starting April 10 2017, we will concentrate on connecting in a lucid dream with the goddess underneath Yggdrasil, who dreams up the cosmos.

Loki Lucky Lord

Loki always seems to escape the harm that he does. He easily outsmarts his victims and he is always the one who walks away seemingly unharmed.
He is the only male god who is also a mother. He is the mother of Sleipnir…

He is the god of fire and mischief, the evil twin of Odin. Odin is like Faust. Loki like Mephistopheles. Loki has Mercurial qualities that enable him to stir up just enough trouble to make you question everything you believe in.

He is the only Giant that is allowed to live among the gods. He is an ultimate trickster that tells about their infidelities. He tells Odin that Freya has slept with the four dwarfs Afrigg, Dvalin, Berling and Grerr in order to get the necklace that makes her irresistible.


Loki and Indur

He is the one who deprives the gods of their rejuvenating apples. But one day he goes to far.

Loki Loud Loser

If there is one thing mythology teaches you it is that there is something called fate. When Odin got his beloved son Baldr, a seer told him that Baldr would be murdered. And that it would lead to Ragnarok, the destruction of life as the people of that time knew it.

We seem to be addicted to such end of life stories. In the games my sons play, the earth is destroyed, only some survive and have to rebuild the world from scratch.

In many tv series a similar theme prevails. The world will be destroyed by a powerful enemy and a hero or a group of hero’s will safe it.

One day, Loki went to far and the light of the world, the symbol of clairvoyance Baldr was killed.

Loki on Mindfunda Norse Mythology

In this lesson you will find out more incredible stories about the pranks that Loki pulls on the other gods.

We will look closer at the half-brother relationship between Odin and Loki.

We will laugh about how Loki had to borrow the feathered robe of Freya to get Thor’s Hammer back.

You will have an inspiring dream incubation so you can dream up all the ways in which you are or have been your own trickster.

And last but not least, there is a paragraph about the fate of Loki, which will help you determine what your thoughts are about predestination. You might be holding yourself back more than you think!

I hope to see you March 20

Start of Spring: An Invitation to Dream an Ode to Freya

Let’s celebrate the start of spring together! I want to invite you to join me on Mindfunda for a spring dream time celebration.

This celebration is a part of my new online courses about Norse Mythology. Are you ready to join on March 20?


Start of Spring: a Promise of Fertility

After a period of darkness and hunger, the light comes back again. The lack of sun produced Vitamine D has caused your body to store more fat than you would like to admit.

start of spring
Cartoon: Metzger


In Norse Mythology, Freya, whose name is sometimes spelled as Freyia, is the Queen of love and fertility. But she is more than just beauty and boobs. She is “a goddess of witchcraft,  seiðr (soothsaying), initiation, fate, death, wisdom and shape-changing” (Maria Kvilhaug in The Seed of Yggdrasil).

In this first lesson, that starts on the first day of spring March 20, you will get a more information about Freya. You will learn how she is connected to fertility and love, you will learn about her independency. You will discover how she is the goddess of faith.

Start of Spring: Shape – Shifting

Freja, Lady Sovereign, is a shape shifter. Many of you dreamers have had dreams in which you where another gender or another creature. Some of you have even shape – shifted during (lucid) dreams.

Springtime is the time for new life to come into being. Going into being is only possible by shape shifting.

start of spring
By Arthur Rackham the image was published in: Wagner, Richard (translated by Margaret Amour) (1910).

How are you shaped shifting? In your life and in your dreams? Do you dare to change your form? Welcome new possibilities in your life. Embrace old traits of your personality that long to be integrated.

Spring is not only about new things. It is also about acknowledging how much your shape has shifted. You are a different person than you where a year ago. But still you feel like you. That is shape-shafting in its ultimate form.

Start of Spring: Freya as the Wicked Witch

Freya is a female shaman, a magician. In the shape of giantess Gondul she affects the fates of men. In her shape of the Great Ocean she is the Goddess of the Cosmos.

start of spring
Cartoon: Maria Scrivan

In ancient times, every woman with a wand was considered to be knowledgeable and powerful. Respected, free from harm.

This spring time celebration is an invitation to get out your wand and fly!

Start of Spring: Norse Mythology:

In this four lesson course, that starts this spring, you will get access to:

  • An opportunity to learn about Norse Mythology;
  • You will get 4 dream incubations;
  • You will get access to a Facebook group where you can learn from others and add value yourself about the things you have learned during this course;
  • You will get 4 weeks of intensive training in how Norse Mythology plays a part in your life and your dreams;
  • A lesson about Freya as Goddess of Spring;
  • A lesson about Odin and the Life Tree;
  • A lesson about Loki, the eternal Trickster;
  • A lesson about the Dreaming Goddess, Creator of the Universe.



Introducing Mindfunda Courses

created and curated by the Mindfunda team


 “I had a dream. A dream that one day my own eLearning website will go live, and live out the true meaning of Mindfunda;
exploring the mind and soul on the crossroads of science, psychology, mythology and dream work.
Not replacing religion, but re-implementing a feeling of meaningful and mindful living.”

I still have that dream today and recently this dream came true!

‘It took me and my team months of planning, writing and rewriting content, investments in coding and building the site, and so much more hard labour. From April 2016 we offer a continuously growing e-learning environment for those interested in psychology, mythology and dream work. You may know our topics, preferences and voice from my blog, and we provide you with even more broadening and in-depth information in compact courses of about 6 lessons each.

Composing the content of each individual lesson took us weeks of research and preparation, so each lesson is the equivalent of creating a 20-30 pages A4/Letter-sized booklet. All this is presented to you in a professional e-learning environment at reasonable prices. Later we will also add multi-level Mindfunda Memberships, so you can choose the perfect suite for your time and budget. 

Most courses have no prerequisites or entry level requirements, but only require a broad interest and your inert will to complete. To get the most of each course, you should claim some weekly spare time for yourself. But you can easily use that annoying waiting time while commuting, too. Life is too short to waste time on reading adds. We provide you with one lesson a week, where completing a quiz will test your knowledge and unlock next weeks’ lesson.

Have a look at our Courses section to see the latest content. It will be expanding continuously, but we focus on quality over quantity first.


Welcome and Enjoy!’

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