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13 Holy Nights – 2016/2017 edition (expired)

Holy Nights, not one but 12 holy nights begin on Christmas eve.
A time to search for wisdom within. A Time to Dream.
Mindfunda invites you for the Holy Nights Event 2016/2017. 

Each year, when the sun is close to the earth and the days are dark, there is an opportunity to connect with your inner light and wisdom. It is an ancient belief that the sun, being the symbol of our consciousness, is being reborn on Christmas night.


According to Rudolf Steiner, the absence of light enables us to look for the light within. Just like one eyed Odin, who sacrificed one eye for peace, had to learn how to trust his inner vision.

“On these nights, the darkest of the year, are closest to the Sun’s Spirit and this means that the Spiritual Sun shining from inside the Earth makes it translucent and illuminates everything from the inside, not as it is afterwards when the Sun illuminates the Earth from above, from the outside.”
Kristina Kain

holy nights
Art by Cuyler Black Inheritthermith


When you enrol, you create an account on the Mindfunda Courses page. This will protect the dreams you share here: only other participants of the Holy Nights Event 2016-17 are able to reflect on your dreams if you wish for them to do that. Each day, I share a new incubation with you. At night you read the incubation, if you wish you can create a ritual that will help you to concentrate on the theme of that day.

holy nights
Art by Randy Glasbergen

We start Christmas Eve 2016, December 24. The dreaming of this night is said to be precognitive for the month of Januari 2017. Since on this night the birth of the Spirit on earth is celebrated, our incubation will incorporate a search for your inner light and how you wish to reflect it this new year. Each day I will ask you to give yourself  a gift. It can be a spiritual gift, it can be a nice warm bath, it can be a paragraph you write from the heart to yourself. You will have a nice book filled with positive knowledge about yourself when these holy nights are finished on January 6.


Each night you read the incubation. If you want to you can create a ritual to enhance the journey inside your spiritual realm. Each night is dedicated to one of the twelve months of 2017. On the last night you will have gotten a better grasp upon your own wisdom and feeling of spirituality.

holy nights
Art by Charles M Schulz

The last day we will share dreams and you will be asked to write a specific intention for yourself to embrace your inner wisdom every day. It has to be something tangible, something you can touch, feel or see. For example: you can write down at least two things that you feel really good about each day. Or write a certain amount of words on your new novel. Or study a subject you want your mind to indulge in.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 days

Course Instructor

Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member

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What Others Have Said

13 Holy Nights Dreaming 2016/17
By: Vicki Schroeder

This is my second year taking Susanne's 13 Holy Nights dreaming course. This course is an absolute treasure! Susanne's wise and inspired focus on the many aspects of Lady Holle formed a colorful thread that was woven throughout her thoughtful abundance of materials and activities. I was overjoyed to learn so much about this ancient feminine archetype. Being able to focus on the powers of the feminine and welcome these into our dreams offered deep healing for ourselves and our patriarchal society. Although at this busy time of year I found myself unable to complete all of the offered activities, it didn't matter, because I still received all that I needed, and much more than I could ever have anticipated, in deep insight and learning from my dreams!! Susanne's and other participants' thoughtful comments and additional resources provided an additional avenue of support and insight. Susanne is a spiritual midwife whose loving presence and touch move through this rich multidimensional dream workshop and provide the fertile environment for self-discovery and personal growth.