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Dreaming about the Brain

Welcome to the introduction of the 6-weeks course “Dreaming about the Brain”

This course is especially aimed at you if you even wonder about;

  • What is happening in my brain while I sleep?
  • How does the activity in my brain change when i start to dream?
  • What about that ‘brain plasticity’ I keep hearing about?
  • What are the current scientific theories about the dreaming brain?
  • Why do you see images in your dream while your eyes are closed?
  • Is the world of your dreams only your inner fantasy?

But we will not only look at the brain as just an organ;

  • I have this sense of Self in my brain, like a little woman that tells me stuff. When things go wrong for instance. Where is that sense of Self, the ‘I’ if you will, located in the brain?
  • You must have read that our brain is ‘wired for religion’, so will explore that, too.
  • The final lesson will be dedicated to the vast amount of neurological research devoted to ‘lucid dreaming’.

Composing the content of each individual lesson took us weeks of research and preparation, so each lesson is the equivalent of a 20-30 pages A4/Letter-sized booklet. All 6 lessons now presented to you in a professional e-learning environment at a reasonable bundle price of just $99,-  

This course has no prerequisite or entry level requirements, but will only require a broad interest and your inert will to complete. To get the most of the course, you should claim some weekly spare time for yourself. But you can easily use your lunch break or that annoying waiting time while commuting, too. Life is too short to waste time on reading adds.

We will provide you with one lesson a week, where completing a quiz will test your knowledge and shall unlock next weeks’ lesson.



Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 weeks (1 lesson per week)

Course Instructor

Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member

One-Time Payment



per week for 5 total payments

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