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Mindfunda Dream Incubation – Hecate (paid)

Welcome to Mindfunda Dream Incubations!

Dream incubation is a practical technique to train your mind, in order for a specific dream topic to occur, either for recreation or to attempt to solve a problem.

For example, you might go to bed repeating to yourself that you will dream about a task coming up, or to evaluate an emotion you recently expirienced.

While somewhat similar to lucid dreaming, dream incubation is simply focusing attention on a specific issue when going to sleep. The audio-files help you to achieve this state-of-mind, and will help you reach your pre-defined goals.

Each incubation has its own specific theme and can be used solitary. Nevertheless we advise you to enroll for multiple incubations, that can make your expirience more complete.

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Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member

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