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Mindfunda Mythology

Welcome to the introduction of the 6-week course ‘Mindfunda Mythology

In contradiction to our mainly scientific approach on ‘Dreaming about the Brain‘, this course is for you if;

  • You want to bring more depth to your interpretation of dreams, and/or
  • You want to know more about symbolism in dreams and in everyday life.

It will help you in finding answers to questions like ‘How did the world come into being’, where we explore both Genesis and the Big bang in a mythological sense. 

We will look at the symbolism of animals. We will look at the mythology of men, with extra attention to the Jungian concept of animus, and women with the anima as main topic.

The trickster, with all its wickedness, will be the topic of the fifth lesson, and the mythological course will end with what Jung has called ‘the mythology of the West’; the story of the Grail.


Composing the content of each individual lesson took us weeks of research and preparation, so each lesson is the equivalent of a 20-30 pages A4/Letter-sized booklet. All 6 lessons are now presented to you in a professional e-learning environment at a reasonable bundle price of just $99,- 


This course has no prerequisite or entry level requirements, but will only require a broad interest in mythology and your inert will to complete. To get the most of the course, you should claim some weekly spare time for yourself.

But you can easily use your lunch break or that annoying waiting time while commuting, too. Life is too short to waste time on reading adds.


We will provide you with one lesson a week, where completing a small quiz or some exercises will test your knowledge and shall unlock next weeks’ lesson. Exclusive excercises will help you focus on the matter and help you practice what you learned that week.



Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 weeks (1 lesson per week)

Course Instructor

Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member

One-Time Payment


Only recommended for students without a PayPal-account or a Credit/Debit card;
basically you’ll get instructions for a manual bank transfer.


per week for 5 total payments

Introduction to Mindfunda Mythology