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Spiritual Soul Searching

Mindfunda’s “Spiritual Soul Searching” is a month long exploration of your inner sense of spirituality.

During this month you will get an online presentation each week, an online incubation each week and you collect your dreams during the course of that week. Each week is closed off by an online Google Hangout where participants can share experiences and dreams together.


Week One:

We are going to explore if there is an innate sense of spirituality in the human psyche. We will be on the lookout for dreams we had in the past, for synchronicities and how they might uncover a coordinating force in the psyche as well as in the universe.


Week Two:

Meeting the Shadow. You can not see the light, if you have not acknowledged the dark. Jungian psychologist James Hall defines the shadow as: “An alter ego image. It contains complexes that are labeled “not-I” (The Unconscious Christian, Images of God in Dreams). This occurs because of judgements, made during the early phases of personality development, about what is an acceptable self-image. There is a positive and a negative aspect of the shadow.


Week Three:

The Archetypes and how they hold the images that represent the Self.  Carl Gustav Jung assumed that archetypical images are images whose meaning is shared throughout a variety of cultures. It is an innate knowledge, that is shared by many, and that surfaces in dreams.


Week Four:

the Soul. What has this course taught us about our Soul? Have we found a soul connection through our dreams? We will express our findings in an artwork, a creative expression, because sometimes, spirituality is a feeling beyond words.


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Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 weeks

Course Instructor

Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member

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Each week, after you have collected your dreams and answered your questions you will get one hour of personal guidance,
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