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Super Moon Dream plan

Super Moon Guided Dream Plan (expired)

  • Sorry, this Mindfunda Course ended 12/15/2016

November 14, there will be a Supermoon. 

The moon has not been so close to earth since 1948. You will have to wait another 18 years before the moon will be so close to the earth again: in November 25, 2034. So now is the time to join Mindfunda Courses for a special event;

The Supermoon Dream Plan.


We are going to dream along the four moon phases, starting with the powerful Supermoon November 14.  


Guided by special incubations written for this extraordinary occasion, participants are going to dream with the moon stages for a full month.
Starting from the Supermoon November 14th until the full moon December 14th.
Inside this Mindfunda Super Moon Course you will find informative presentations about the moon and its effect on dreaming,
  • during the full moon in Taurus (the Supermoon);
  • last quarter of the moon in Virgo > November 21;
  • new moon in Sagittarius > November 29th;
  • first quarter of the moon in Pisces > December 7th 
  • full moon in Cancer > December 14th.
For each phase of the moon there will also be a written exclusive Mindfunda Super Moon incubation, available for participants only on Mindfunda Courses.


In this Mindfunda Course there is every opportunity to share and discuss dreams with your fellow course members in a safe restricted area of the site.
There also will be two online gatherings/webinars exclusively for the group of dreamers after the full moon, one is a kick-off at the start of the event, the other a recap at the finish.



At the end of the course you will;

  • have gained knowledge of the influence of the moon on your dreams,
  • are able to recognise recurring symbolism in your dreams,
  • have increased your dream memory,
  • know much more about dreaming in general,
  • know the advantages of quality dreaming for your daytime performance,
  • have obtained valuable insights in your own dreaming habits
  • experienced the social element of sharing and reflecting on dreams.

The Supermoon Dream Plan is a once-in-18-year dream opportunity.
A complete moon-dream package that includes:

  1. Four presentations filled with information about moon and dreaming.
  2. Four incubations dedicated to the phases of the moon.
  3. Two online 1h presentations/webinars that include safe dream sharing.
  4. The exclusive opportunity to reflect on dreams with other participants in a safe restricted environment.

We are open for enrollment now, the course starts on 11/14/2016, we hope to meet you then!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 month

Course Instructor

Susanne Author

Dutch Psychologist, Dreamer, Blogger, IASD Board Member