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Dreams of the 12th night: receiving a gift

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    Feel free to share your dreams here and reflect on the dreams of others. The fact that in my pre-sleep meditation I choose people to give gifts to, and the colour of the energy exchange thought me a lot. I know that sounds funny, because it was me who created the meditation, but it was really fitting for me at this moment. I had some intuitive insights about people in my environment, I would have to see if time proves me right.

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    The final night of the Holy Nights. I prepared a orange bowl decorated with white flowers on the table with milk in it, and a piece of the Christmas bread next to it on a wooden plate as an offering to the Mother Goddess. I always read something before i sleep and so it did this time. Before i closed my eyes i concentrated on my heartchakra and imagined radiating energy from and towards my heart.
    When i woke up this morning i felt rested, energized, more in balance and although i remember only part of my dreams they brought me this morning harmony.
    My dream:
    I consult someone and come with a cunning plan to extend the annual flee-market and move it to the big market square. It is Christmas time and the square is empty so the flee-market can continue there for some more days, probably 3 more days and people can enjoy it. And so it happened.

    So there’s not a particular person my heart went out to but there was this joy for searching something special on a flee-market for a whole community in my dream. Also I received a card with a wooden sculpture of a Knight-angel from a good friend, Celesta, who wrote that all seasons has past now since my brother’s death.
    I feel the circle is round, his memory was very alive these days and i’d like to thank you all to be with me in these moments and allowing me to share with you my dreams and reflections, and sharing yours with me! I’m very grateful.

    Christine, i haven’t thank for your words, yes, letting go a sibling feels different and made me so much more aware and conscious of all the dimensions we live in.

    Susanne, making this online sharing possible, your insights, your time for all the reflections on the dreams, your great generosity and sensitivity, from my heart: THANK YOU!
    And facebook is coming…;-)

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      hi Ingrid,

      Thank you for being here, your dreams and energy have lifted the place up! If it was my dream i would be pleasantly surprised by the square: the human structure and the three days: it took Christ three days to resurrect from the death. I am not very Catholic, so forgive me for the expression. The number three has significance in it being the result of the union of two, and is symbolises the spirit. What a wonderful dream to close off this experience.

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      Vicki Schroeder

      Ingrid, I find your dream very compelling. IIWMD, I would feel like I have become one with the goddess in me, and have been allowed to be the gift giver, offering the flea market to all to find their special treasure. Perhaps most beloved, you’ve experienced your brother to be with you in many ways. Thank you for sharing your dreams and for your comments and reflections!

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    Lidia Tremblay

    January 6, 2017

    I am at an amusement park and am getting onto a train car that winds its way around a mountain. Part of me thinks I’m somewhere I’ve never been before, but another part of me knows that I’m in my home town of Hamilton, where we do have an escarpment which we lovingly call ‘The Mountain’. I am excited about this ride. There are children and a couple of other adults in the car, and we all chat and laugh as the train takes off.

    Indeed, it winds around the mountain, and I get a beautiful view of the city below us. As we reach the top, a little brown shaggy-haired dog jumps into our car, and we all laugh again. As I pat the puppy, and the train stops for a moment, and I see a procession of Indigenous people make their way towards us. They are dressed in full Native regalia – deeply fringed soft leather jackets, beaded shirts depicting the Thunderbird and Turtle, elaborate headdresses, red blankets wrapped about the shoulders – and I smell the beautiful odors of sage and sweetgrass being burned all around us. Something urges me to stand up and bow, which I do.

    At that moment, the mountain, the train and everything else melts away, morphing into a brief series of images – a flat plain, a forest, a lakeshore – the group of medicine men, the little dog and I end up in a non-descript motel. The chanting and smudging never stopped during the transition and I find myself calm and totally in-the-moment. After we all have the ground firmly beneath us, most of the men leave. Only two men are still with me as we walk into the motel room. There another man waits for us. He is Japanese, and I instantly know him for a Shinto priest and wonder how I would know this, but no matter, we are all where we are supposed to be.

    The room has a red carpet runner beside the bed. The Japanese priest kneels on it, lights some incense and candles, and begins chanting. The Shaman and I are silent, just listening to the priest. Eventually, he stops and looks at me. As I kneel before him, he takes out a package of ordinary playing cards from the folds of his robe. He shuffles the cards and indicates that I should do the same. Yes, I am satisfied that the cards are randomly shuffled, and continue to peel off the top four cards – an ace, a king, a queen and a jack. This is very significant and a forecasting omen of some sort. I do recognize that in most games, this would be high cards, indicating a winning hand. Here it seems like far more, and I try to understand the significance. It eludes me, so I simply put it into the back of my mind and silently indicate this to the priest. He understands. I get a silent communication that it will be revealed to me as time goes on. He hits a small bell, and as the tone reverberates sweetly around the room, he slowly disappears from our sight.

    The little dog nudges me, and I am rather surprised to see that its still there. I smile and pick it up, nuzzling the soft fur with my chin.

    Now the Shaman step forward and kneel where the priest was. They burn more sage and sweetgrass and closing my eyes, I submit myself totally to a cleansing smudge. The puppy licks my face. The older of the Shaman remains silent while the younger one begins to talk to me. I do not understand him, but that does not matter. The words he speaks are in a different language, but the meaning of the words filter my being and I begin to understand. What I do understand is beyond words – it’s concepts, ideas, energies, blessings, healings. Finally, he too takes out a plain package of playing cards. These are not shuffled yet. The older man tells me – and now I understand his words perfectly – that I need to get the four Aces in the same way I got the other cards. Now the cards are shuffled by the three of us. For some reason I am feeling a little nervous. Knowing what I am to achieve puts pressure on me, but calmly, I begin to place the cards down – Ace, ace, ace…

    Before the final card is turned over, the men disappear, and I am left alone with the little dog, who is also melting away. Where the men knelt, I see a sprinkling of beautiful purple powder and hear a final message at the edge of my consciousness – ‘You have done well…’

    I take the final card and turn it over, just as I am tugged towards wakefulness…

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      Christine Anderson

      What an amazing dream, Lidia!- another one!!! I want to live in your dream world!!!!!

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    Hi Lidia,

    thank you forvsharing your dream. And what a wonderful gift you have got from our Lady Holle. I see images of god (the dog) spirituality (the purple) authenticity (indigenous people) and community (the train).
    The cards: you pull out an amazing combination of court cards (the chance is 0.29%). The King in Lenormand cards (not my speciality, but I did at one time own a package of it). The Jack represents a young man, the queen is age-lesss (as all women should be) and the king usually represents rules. So many court carts could represent a party (I know you are recovering so it might take a while). I remember you said you had issues with your son. I hope this is a very positive dream regarding that painful issue.

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    Bonnie Mitsch

    1/6/17 Court Case and Woman Washing Clothes at the Well, Moon: Aries, waxing (middle of the night)

    I am a mediator/lawyer at a court case. There is a small group of us sitting around a rectangular table. There are only two men. I am trying hard to come across as professional. The proceedings are being taped for for the people whose trial it is. In the dream I realize that I need to loosen up and relax more. Earlier, we all stop to wash off the table and sweep the floor.

    Next scene, I go outside. I realize that we (I ) are in Greece. Beautiful, blue skies and light colored adobe type buildings. I climb up high to this well. I don’t see the water, just the structure of the well. There is a woman there around 40 years old with a scarf on her dark hair. She is busy washing white sheets with the incredible water that makes everything so fresh.

    1/6/17 Four Cooks (right before waking up in the a.m.)

    (this dream is abstract and hard to bring back). It has to do with four women. Initially there are only two. They are cooks. It is like my dream ego is analyzing them and or what they are offering. One of the women has either 44 ingredients or her meal takes 44 minutes to cook. At the end of the dream there are now four, women cooks lined up facing forward. I understand that they all have something to offer. Each one is different and no one has the perfect presentation, recipes, etc. And that is okay. The women are very confident, determined and are ready to start.

    Insights. I love the “pre-lucid” thought about me loosening up. I think this is a message for my animus- to enjoy my out in the world projects. The well scene is lovely-the feeling is like a cleansing and/or a new beginning-a gift to experience the place and the woman. The four cooks seems to have the same message of loosening up. That none of the cooks and what they have to offer is “perfect”, but on the other hand it is just right, all that is needed.

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      Bonnie, thank you for sharing your dreams. It seems to me like the gift you have given has to do with alchemy, with transformation. Four cooks, making 44 ingredients, the number of wholeness shows itself again. The water and the goddess or one to me. Again here is an emphasis on a very confident woman who tales the lead. That is your gift as far as I am concerned: these holy nights, you have come across as being a very balanced lady with an incredible confidence in her intuition and her inner balance.

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    Lidia Tremblay

    Susanne – thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, even in the dream, I knew that pulling these cards in a thoroughly shuffled deck of cards was slim to none. In both cases it was all but impossible. As I read through your notes, I realized there was a part of the dream that eluded me. Somewhere between the Shinto priest, and the Shaman, I had an impression of having a conversation about sacred burial grounds. There was a concern about them. They are important, I am told, and with this I agree wholeheartedly. Honestly, I don’t know where this little part belongs, but it was part of my dream. Could this represent Ancestors?

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      Hi Lidia: my first thought was your spirituality. Human beings have buried each other for quite a while and giving something back to the earth goddess Holle for me would represent a faith in the cycle(s) of life and death, an urge for uncovering the possible laws of eternal life using shamanism or eastern methods of ordering the mind.

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    Vicki Schroeder

    Thank you all for being here, for dreaming and sharing. This has been a very warm nurturing environment where it has felt very safe to share. Susanne, thank you for being such a wise and compassionate guide into our tender world of dreams!

    I had seven dreams last night, a complete set, like I was making up for lost time!! The last one is the one I will share here.

    I am with a male friend, Michael, who in waking life is deceased. He is getting ready to compete in a diving competition and I am there to support him. I arrived early and a woman who is helping monitor the event told me that the judges like to know some personal information about each competitor. I called Michael to tell him this.

    When Michael arrived, I am surprised, but not surprised, to see him carrying his large (1 foot by 3 foot, 1/3 by 1 meter) sign made of large light turquoise swarovski crystals set in gold that says “Breathe”.

    I expected to hear him tell the same story about his father giving him the sign, but he told a different version that I can’t quite recall. He walked back to the board, handed me the sign, and started up the ladder for his dive.

    When he is finished and dressed in street clothes, we walk through Rocky Mountain National Park (by my home) with two other friends. The National Park has been in three other of my dreams tonight.

    Reaction – This dream is very compelling to me in that the reason for my sleep apnea test is that tests showed I wasn’t getting enough oxygen in my blood during the night. I’m not quite sure what it means yet, but I can’t imagine a more fitting message than a turquoise colored jeweled sign saying “Breathe”!! Susanne, if you don’t see my answer elsewhere, I will learn my sleep apnea test results on January 18. (thanks for asking) 🙂

    Thank you for all your feedback, Susanne and all. I have a rich well of resources / manna to reflect on each month this year! This is a wonderful gift!!

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      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams, and it was the sacred number of seven, like you are blessed to evolve yourself in dreaming. Did you have the dream with the turquoise earrings before? from the site color-meanings.com I have copy-pasted: “Turquoise recharges our spirits during periods of mental stress and fatigue, and removes the feeling of loneliness. You just need to focus on the color turquoise, either on a wall or clothing, and immediately you will feel calm and relaxed – ready”. Could Michael also be a referral to the arch angel Michael, who is associated with healing?
      Thank you for being here and holding on, I very much enjoyed your company.

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        Vicki Schroeder

        Susanne, your answer brought tears to my eyes. This did seem to be a very healing dream. Yes, the turquoise color was from before, someone else had turquoise earrings. I did not look it up, shame on me, thank you so much for putting the reference here! If you want to check my late posting on Second night dreams, I have had an extreme period of mental stress and fatigue during the holidays, due to worries about my dad, etc., and it has been hard to concentrate. The gift of the color turquoise, and other healing elements in this dream is immense. I so appreciate your pointing those out to me. And what really moves me, is that dreaming may be a profound way for me to heal, cope, learn and as you say, evolve. I have never thought of it that way before. I did find out two years ago that I have ADHD, and so holding separate ideas together in my mind is difficult. Situations can be tough to figure out. But dreams offer a way for me to “see” something, whether actual, or in metaphor, and they do seem to help me in learning and making peace with fears, bad experiences, resentments, and so on that need healing. Thank you with all my heart for sharing your resources and insights! You are a gifted healer. All blessings to you.

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    Christine Anderson

    Sadly, no dream memory from last night- how disappointing! However, I have had such a rich experience with this course, Susanne,- your amazingly creative variety of reflections, quotes, careful and insightful preparation, – simply WONDERFUL!!!! And thank you to all for the wisdom that you dear dreamers have shared- I am so grateful to have this richness in my life during these Holy Nights.

    I see the Holiday season as going from Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), through Advent, Christmas, New Year’s and the Holy Nights. I want this magic and beauty to continue throughout the year- this course has helped me hold onto it and keep ‘reality’ from rushing in….

    May you all have many blessings and peace throughout this year! As I write this, there is non-stop coverage of the latest attack in Fort Lauderdale, Florida- so I emphasize even more, the desire for peace….Prayers for calmer, saner, and ‘safer’ days ahead….

    With gratitude,

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    Hi everyone!
    I also want to thank you all for this wonderful experience, sharing and commenting on each other’s dreams. And a special thank you to Susanne for putting together this excellent course. Thank you for all the time and effort you have invested in helping us with our dreams! 🙂

    I just had a couple of snippets from last night:

    1) I went to a posh restaurant with my mum and younger siblings (in reality, I have one older brother). There was an artist in residence there who painted beautiful flowers. An attractive couple was sitting nearby. The lady made polite conversation with me, and I quietly asked which food she would recommend. She said that she had a spaghetti carbonara, which was very nice. It felt like this restaurant outing was intended for my mum to find a new partner, but then we decided to get a taxi home, where her current husband was looking forward to seeing us back.

    2) I was on a staircase in a tall block of flats, going to meet a guy I know. I kept moving up and down between the floors, trying to find his flat, but I couldn’t remember the door number and I had no way of contacting him. There were other students hanging around nearby. I tried asking if they knew where he lived, but they didn’t know.


    I think the first dream says something about the nourishing gift of family. My family has always been a major source of support and encouragement for me. And there’s also art. I love painting, but haven’t done it much at all lately. Maybe I should start again 🙂

    The second dream is about a guy I know (same person as from night 2). We’ve been having some issues in real life and he’s appeared in a few dreams throughout this process. Last night I was trying to run away from him, this night trying to find him …not sure what it all means. He hurt me in real life and we stopped talking a few days ago. Maybe there is some conflict which I still need to resolve…

    I want to thank you all again, it’s been a really fantastic experience to be part of this course. I’ve never done anything like this before with dreams. Thank you for helping me to share and learn from all your insights and dreams. All best wishes to everyone! 😀

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      Steven Ernenwein


      Your first dream sounds and feels lovely. I like lovely dreams, it’s always nice to have them ☺

      For your second, and take this or leave it, see how it feels. Not knowing the situation or how he hurt you, this is my thought IIWMD. It would appear I’m being sent mixed signals by my psyche, running from him and then looking for him. However, the fact I can’t find him in the second dream would suggest, to me, perhaps I shouldn’t find him and not seem quite as contradictory. In situations where we cut ties with people we can wonder if we should make up with them or we may feel guilty how it ended. That’s what this dream makes me feel like, but the lack of finding him seems to point at it not serving you to find him/reach back out.

      I don’t know if that resonates at all. Like I said I don’t know the severity of the situation. Maybe it’s not a big deal to go looking for him to bring resolution to the situation to give yourself some peace. But, seems like maybe you’re better off not doing so? Again, if that resonates maybe we’re on to something, but without knowing more, that’s all I can say.

      I have had dreams though that have used my issues with people to be symbolic of internal issues. As the disdain we may feel towards someone can be a very powerful agent for the psyche to use and show us where we hold that disdain unconsciously towards aspects of ourselves.

      I had a falling out with a guy I used to work for. He was like a father to me in some ways. His business moved to a nearby city, but when I didn’t follow him with the meditation group I held at his place, he was really hurt. He felt really betrayed though that was not my intention at all. The last year and a half he’s appeared in my dreams and always gave me a sneer lol. After 6-7 months of this kind of dream occurring, it finally clicked that he represented some form of self-betrayal. Once I started working with those dreams understanding that, his arc has become incredible. The last couple dreams I’ve had with him, he’s greeted me with a hug and smile, which is so great to see.

      Often when people hurt us or poke us, they are actually being healers because they have brought to the forefront that wound within us that is crying out for our love and acceptance. And without them unconsciously poking that soft spot we’d never have the chance of it coming to the surface so powerfully. The pain we feel is our duty to nurture and when brought so powerfully to the surface, if we can stomach feeling it and loving it, we can actually heal it, causes is right there. All we have to do is breathe into it and feel it and love ourselves.

      So, maybe he’s symbolic for you, symbolic of the pain he’s inflicted that you want to run from. But it’s hard to say what the next dream would have to say at that point, if he was symbolic. But with it being so fresh, seems closer to the situation than being symbolic – but that’s your intuitions call.

      Good luck though! I hope some of that was useful and not way too much lol

      Take care!

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        Thanks so much Steven for taking the time to comment on my dreams! Again, you’ve been an immense help.
        Yes, your response resonates with me, I don’t think it would serve me to reach back out to him.
        It was quite a strange situation. He isn’t the kind of person I would normally be drawn to, but a few synchronicities and unusual dreams kind of led me into giving him a chance. He did help to resolve a couple of issues which were useful to me. Then he ran off with another girl, and strangely I actually felt more relieved than hurt. We were on good terms until their relationship ended and he tried to worm his way into my life again… which is where I felt resistance.
        I’ll see if he appears again, and if there might be some symbolic meaning there. It’s quite possible, because this thing feels like it happened in order to show me something.. now I just need to figure out what it is…

        Thanks again for all your helpful insights Steven! 🙂

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          Steven Ernenwein

          Wow great! Glad to have been of help! Good luck with figuring it all out ☺

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      HI Maria, thank you for being here and I hope to see you again, maybe on the Russian online conference (I sent you a reply about that i hope you got it? If not, here is a Russian link: http://dreamconference.ru/). Spaghetti? Did you know that one of the most beautiful women ever, Sophia Lauren once said: I owe it all to spaghetti?

      Both of the dreams seem to have love as a theme: all the frictions and fractions we get in relationships. Carbonara is a sauce with a lot of juice in it. Sometimes you have to juice up your relationships 😉

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        Thank you very much Susanne, I will look forward to seeing the online conference!

        This course has been such an interesting and intense experience for me. There is so much to digest! I will save these discussions and your materials and read through everything again in the coming weeks.

        Thanks again for all your time and for creating this wonderful course for us! 🙂

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    Steven Ernenwein

    So sad that this will be our final entries! It’s been such a joy sharing this dream space with all of you, seeing and experiencing your struggles, triumphs, and beauty!!

    Thank you so much Susanne for creating this event so masterfully! Your incubations and write ups were so brilliant, beautiful and meaningful, thank you for this! And especially for your time and care in responding to pretty much every entry by us, that’s incredible and imagine you haven’t left your computer the last two weeks haha so thank you for it all, you are very appreciated by all of us ??

    I had an interesting lucid dream this morning that seems to be a look at what Frau Holle’s gift to me, which lines up well with what my unborn children were (my realization of my creative purpose).


    I am on a dance floor. A dj is playing music and a small group of people are mingling about. I begin recording a video with my phone of me talking, it was to be a motivational video for others. I say something along the lines of: “I’m making this video for people like me who feel very called to follow their dreams and do something meaningful with their lives. I’m here tonight to bring action to my dreams, to get out of my head and bring them to life – which i think a lot of people can relate to having difficulty with.”

    Then the DS shifts to me outside during the day and a large snake came swiftly towards me aggressively and climbed up into a tree next to me and hissed. I flee and have to keep jumping over snakes that are slithering all over the ground now. One is a smaller snake but has two heads. This makes me finally question if this could be real. I see a big frog and try to see if I can pick him up with telekinesis (to prove I’m dreaming), which I am capable of and become lucid. I tried to ground myself, as the fear of the snakes worked me up quite a bit. But the whole dream began to fade out. I tried so hard to hold on, but then my cat began to cry IWL and I fully woke.


    The notion of getting out of my head and bringing my dreams into action is very huge for me, something I’ve always struggled with. My creative gifts and passions are such a deeply personal experience that it has been really hard to bring them forward into the world in the way I long to because of the vulnerability that subjects you to. This healing journey I’ve been on has helped me to learn how to believe in myself and honor my worth and know and honor that worth from within, not in how well or poorly others receive or perceive my work, or myself in general. Which is necessary, if I were not to be destroyed by it (which you can see how much self destruction there is in creative fields whether through drugs or the like when they can’t handle bearing their souls the world).

    This journey has been all about coming into my spiritual power, which I see symbolic of the snake, as the kundalini energy is represented by two snakes. Embracing that raw, primal, intense energy is a pretty intimidating experience initially and unfortunately I wasn’t given much of a chance to change that tune and embrace that fear once I became lucid. Left me awakening needing to reconcile with those feelings, which has been a typical maneuver by my dreams throughout this journey, helping to open the wounds and leave me to figure out how to resolve them within myself upon awakening.


    Thank you again Susanne!!!

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      Thanks for being here Steven, and for sharing your dreams. Dreams about snakes are like a kiss of the goddess to me.

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      Vicki Schroeder

      Hi Steven, notice of your comment led me here today. Without the pressure of time, I am now relaxed and reading dreams. What a powerful dream you had!

      iiwmd, I would ask myself, aside from kundalini, what energy / emotion is represented by being surrounded with all those snakes? You mentioned fear. What does that fear connect to for me?

      Then I would hold that fear, the wanting to run away, for a bit, then shift to connecting with my spiritual power. Both strong feelings hold medicine for me. But it is connecting to the raw feeling without the mental overlay of kundalini, that conveys the elixir.

      And as I interpret what you have already written, the fear and the spiritual power are linked. In my experience, these things work themselves out in my unconscious, as I give them permission. I don’t need to use my logic to ‘figure them out.’

      I hope this adds something, but take only what resonates. Thank you for sharing this dreaming! And best wishes!

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