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Dreams of the seventh night June 25

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    This night you have tunes into y our own incubation, using the dream information that you have collected this week. Feel free to share your dreams here.

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    The weekend was busy, i can’t remember my dreams but instead i used the inspiration for a collage. i have found 4 different feathers (from small to large) Saturday and Sundag and when i started making the collage i choose my Inner Child to accompany me. When i was working on the object i traced the feathers with ink, coloured the surrounding with soft pastel. The real ones are glued mirroring the traced ones, bottom up and turned. I wrote the words: As above, so below and added Ma-at and the Fool’s Feathers. Both tips of the feathers, the ink and the real, are coming to there own point, which i marked red. So there are two red spots, one below, one up. Finally i framed the work.
    It gave me a satisfying feeling to use the Midsummer nights dream incubation in an artful manner, the object reminds me each time when i look at it of giving space to Inner Child and of both the Cosmic energy and the Fool’s unpredictable steps.

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