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Norse Mythology and Dreaming: First Day and Night 3 20-21 2017

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    Jenna Ludwig

    Hi Susanne and others ~
    I went through the exercises in the Freya material and contemplated the questions, particularly the question “what is mine to do?” After focusing on this for awhile, I later went to clear off some of the extraneous stuff on my desktop and put the things I want to save in folders. This Quote in a meme I’d saved is the first thing I came to. I had to click on it to see the text, so I wasn’t directing the response:

    “Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. This broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.” This makes sense to me, considering the dark space I’ve been in since the November election here in the U.S.

    Last night, I got confused as to the incubation question and asked “What is Mine to Do?” instead of “What in My Life Needs Fertilizing?” But I can see how the dream below answers both those questions: Be still and have patience. I am to wait at the “gate” and develop patience, while I get clear within myself. The Rune I picked this morning that I’ve included here after the dream underscores that exactly!

    3 21 2017 (morning) “The Doorway is Blocked” I am at a doorway, like a portal to the outside. There is a being…more or less androgynous… sitting monk-like and lotus style in front of the door. He/She is blocking my way and helping me to decide the right time to walk through. I can see a field and a hill in the distance. The landscape is beautiful. The being has a calming presence and I feel no threat in the entrance to the outside being outside at this time. In the dream, I figure there are things I need to do and learn within this room I’m in (where I’m at right now) before moving through the doorway to explore the area beyond. (EOD)

    There is an ongoing conversation between me and a friend of mine at the moment…about vulnerability and feeling threatened by “something frightening at the door.” I think many of us are feeling that way right now. Thinking about this and my dream, I pull this Rune at random this morning:

    The text below is from “The Book of Runes” by Ralph H. Blum:

    #21 Thurisaz “Gateway: The Place of Non-Action”

    “With a gateway for its symbol, this Rune indicates that there is work to be done both inside and outside yourself. Thurisaz represents the frontier between heaven and the mundane. Arriving here is a recognition of your readiness to contact the numinous, the divine, to illuminate your experience so that its meaning shines through in form.

    “This is a Rune of non-action. Thus, the gateway is not to be approached and passed through without contemplation. Here you are being confronted with a clear reflection of what is hidden in yourself, what must be exposed and examined before right action can be undertaken. This Rune strengthens your ability to wait. Now is not the time to make decisions. Deep transformational forces are a work…

    “Visualize your standing before a gateway on a hilltop. Your entire life lies out behind you and below. Before you step through the gateway, pause and review the past: the learning and the joys, the victories and the sorrows—everything it took to ring you here. Observe it all, bless it all, release it all. For it is in letting go of the past that you reclaim your power…”

    Wow. A lot to think about. I know that I, and many people I know, are feeling helpless and want to do something, anything in this new political climate in our country. But my advice is to first contemplate and get clear on “What is Mine to Do.” I think that is the message I took from this first day and night.


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    Hi Jenna,

    Thanks for sharing your dream. To me, it was like you dreamed yourself to be in the Hall of Freya, in Fólkvangr. The lotus style might refer to the symbol of lotus: a flower that is able to grow on mud! Yes indeed, how symbolic of the political situation in America now… A hill in the distance is in my eyes the spiritual realm.
    So i think you are quite right in your intuition about the dream.
    I am sorry if i did not use the official If it was my dream sentence, all opinions stated here are my own, this is your dream. Feel free to use this incubation again and share more dreams here.

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