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BL0 – Introduction

Welcome to this introduction to the online course “Dreaming about the Brain”.  The course consists of 6 lessons, to be followed in 6 weeks or at your own slower pace.

Lesson 1: The Architecture of the Brain:
Here you will learn about the basic components of the brain. In the first chapter we will explore several “brain basics” like electricity, neurons, and the brain stem. In the second chapter, we will use the four lobes that structure the brain to inform you about their function.

Lesson 2: The Big Dream Theories about the Brain:

  • the Activation-Input-modulation (AIM) Model of Alan Hobson,
  • the Neurocognitive Model of Domhoff,
  • the Psychodynamic Model of Mark Solms.

Lesson 3: Visualization, Dreaming and the Brain.
What is this dreaming pathway and how does it deal with imagery?
Does visualization play a role?
How do blind people dream?
These questions will be answered in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Where is the “I” in the Brain?
Can the concept of Self be pinpointed in the brain?

Lesson 5: Religion and the Brain.
Some say our brain is wired for religion. Religion used to be composed from dreams given by the divine.

Lesson 6: Lucid Dreaming and the Brain.
Some neurologists claim that Lucid dreams are no form of sleep but a mere sense of meditative consciousness. What does the latest research say about this?