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ML0: Introduction

Welcome to the online course “Mindfunda Mythology”.
The course consists of 6 lessons:

  1. Creation Myth: Genesis and Big Bang
  2. The Amazing Animal: the animal in mythology.
  3. Mythology of Men
  4. Mythology of Women
  5. Mythology of the Trickster
  6. Mythology of the Grail

Mythology, a major subject of the ancient Greeks, with such  stories as Zeus playing around making love to beautiful women and men. The myth is  not part of the modern world,unless you see science as the most modern form of mythology.

Today the word “myth” has an undeserved bad reputation and  is used for things that are not true. That is not what I mean when I use the word myth in this course. I refer to “the stories that never were but always are”.

The dreams you dream at night, the films you love, the books you read–they all have mythological elements. This course will help you to recognize mythological themes in your own life, in your dreams, in your work, in your own family.