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School is out for Summer!

We use the Summer Break to clean up the closets, wipe all the whiteboards, and get some fresh sharpened pencils to write new content.

Meanwhile… we appreciate your opinion.

To enhance the content of both our free Mindfunda Daily Dose blog and our paid Courses, we like to ask you just a few simple questions about dreams and your challenges on that subject.

In this way you help us improve the match between our content and your interests and needs.

The blog and the Mindfunda Monthly  (with free eBook!) will remain a labour of love, and will provide you with even more free usefull insights.

So please return the favour and invest a few minutes of your holidays to respond.

It’s highly appreciated and done in a glimpse, so you can get back to your lazy summer chair with some literature.


Yes, i will help you out. Take me to the questions!