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Summer Solstice 2017: a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Join me June 19th for a week of dream incubation, loosely based on Shakespeare’s classic Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Summer Solstice has always been a magic time. The sun begins on it’s travel downwards. It is time to see what you have grown this year. On a spiritual level. And who can better lead you than archetypical connoisseur William Shakespeare?

This course will not consist of an endless quotation of his versus. I have taken a Jungian archetypical approach to the core of the story. Love, the ultimate bonus in the life of human beings, viewed from an archetypical perspective.
In seven nights you will explore love and how you have manifested it in your life. We will visit the magic fairy world and leave with a gift. We will explore our animus side. We will explore our anima side. We will ask dream advice about the transformation our soul needs right now. We are going to ask advice on how to balance the “real” “waking” world and the “fairy” world. And finally we are ready to receive a symbolic gift.

Each day you are able to share your dreams on an online dream forum, closed off from internet. And you will get my suggestion(s) about how to incorporate the energy of the dream in your daily world.


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